Angelica:It is simply,Thank you so much for dropping off the products I really appreciate you. I definitely try all the products.thinking they will be like my other moisturizer I was using  it wasn’t 😍you products works great on my skin.Your soap, serum & moisturizer doesn’t the trick Where have you been all my life?😍😍😍😍😍😍


Joycelyn:The  little bumps on my cheeks are disappearing and the ones under my chin!

My face looks brighter and more even toned. It feels moisturized and I just have more confidence approaching people! It even looks younger. I dont have to feel ashamed about my skin it’s bright and it’s beautiful !



Gennis :Hi ShoBee’s Big changes noticeable the next day. I want to get regular sizes. Thanks a bunch

Hey, How much are you selling the regular sizes for? I want to get all of them on Friday. It works really good and it doesn’t irritate my skin. I was meaning to text you the day after I tried it


Chloe: Before Shoebee’s Natural I wasn’t confident. I’ve had acne problems from the first day of middle school until last year. My face has always been a problem and when I finally got a hold of it it was after using Shobee’s my favorite product is the night serum. My problems tend to be pimples and when I put it on especially over night it zaps the pimple away. I have tried literally everything and this is THE only thing that works. I recommend it not only cause this is my product but because I know people who were just like me and are tired of the same results. Side note: all the products are all natural and are not harsh on your skin!